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    Russell commented  · 

    There is a nifty little trick with static apps that can speed WordPress websites up a little. It involves
    a special type of static app that uses a symlink to point a website subfolder to this static app. When I was hosting with Webfaction, they would allow me to do this.

    The idea is that you can make the uploads folder of WordPress (/wp-content/uploads) a symlink to a static app. The WordPress uploads folder only has static resources like images and PDF documents, making it a perfect use-case for a static app. I know I would appreciate the performance gains from the reduced overhead in serving these static resources. Also, I don't know if this applies, but if the default configuration gzips images, that would harmful for performance as well -- jpegs and pngs are already compressed, so gzipping them is only wasting computing power and time.

    If it's useful, you can find the documentation Webfaction created for speeding up requests to the uploads folder by using this technique on their platform at

    A symlink that places a website's images folder in a static app would increase performance.

    Edit: Actually since Cloudways already uses Nginx to deliver static assets, there might not be any overhead to delivering static HTML files inside of a PHP app.

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